AeroSky C6

AeroSky C6

If you are looking for an RC Quadcopter model that is built at the cutting edge of technology and can take all the punishment you can throw at it, the AeroSky C6 is the one you need to spend your money on. One of the most powerful models available in stores today, the AeroSky C6is popular because of everything it has from design also see, RC Warship Combat to performance. It is fun, exciting, powerful, agile and offers an experience that you could have never imagined from a radio controlled model that is built in the same concept as an RC Helicopter.

What makes the AeroSky C6 so incredible?

Normally, you would not associate a rotor-based model with the terms sleek or brilliant, simple because they seem like they would struggle to provide a performance that's not even close to the bigger, sleeker RC Jets or planes. However, there is something about the AeroSky C6 that really pushes the envelope. The first is the incredibly light, also look at, RC Fuels but strong, body - it has to be considering that the primary ingredient that goes into making the AeroSky C6 is carbon try, RC Toys fibre. You know, the stuff that goes into making bodies of Formula One cars - that stuff!

Every single element of the body or frame of the model is made with carbon look at, RC Warship fibre while the main board used on the AeroSky C6, to continue the strength-theme, is a PCB frame-board, which is a stronger and more durable version of the regular board used in other RC Quadcopters. The model, overall, is also quite large, which ensures that you have all the space in the world to allow the battery pack and Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) to settle down in comfort. Parts do not have to be squeezed in and anyone who has had a hard-landing that has led to these parts banging together and breaking, knows how important that space can be.

The AeroSky C6 comes with a 920KV brushless Outrunner motor - one of the best motors you could pick to be a part of your model. The Electronic Speed Controller is a 40amp brushless ESC that comes from the Hobbywing Skywalker - if that doesn't lay to rest your worries about reliability, nothing will. The power look at, Aquacraft these parts generate guarantee that you can put a payload of up to 2.5lbs onto your AeroSky C6 without worrying about a drop in performance or breaking things.

The control-board on the AeroSky C6 is programmable -which means you can simply plug your computer into the board and make changes look at, RC Scale Boating to the board to ensure superior performance - something you should only dabble with if you have the knowhow! The gyroscope on the AeroSky C6 is an MPU6050, that also has an accelerometer built in - this ensures that you never have to worry about the calculations going wrong as your model tries to remain stable in the air. look at, RC Spinner All you need to do is plug in the Li-Po battery pack and grab your 6-channel remote controller and things are ready to roll!

Getting your AeroSky C6 off the Ground

The one thing you are guaranteed to struggle with, when you buy the AeroSky C6, is learning how to look at, RC Mini Warbirds fly it. If you have prior knowledge of putting RC Quadcopters together or simply flying them, you should be good to start out in the right direction but it is, in no way, a guarantee that things will end well. Think about it - there is a very small chance that the AeroSky C6 that you spend your money on, will come with a technical manual. Without the manual, you might end up struggling to figure out how to consider, Radio Controllers fly that thing!

The manufacturers, also look at, RC Warship Combat Xheli, are notorious for being extremely cheap about printing and sending technical manuals along with their models. The model is a ready-to-fly version but that doesn't mean, in any way, that the buyer does not deserve a technical manual. You will need to search through the Internet also look at, RC Hydroplane Boat to find the technical manual, just as we did. The company will, however, send you all the documentation you need for the AeroSky C6 should you ask them to send one across.

The first thing that needs your attention will be the yaw-controller. In our case, as well as all the cases we saw on the Internet, consider, RC Aircraft Carriers the AeroSky C6 has a yaw-controller that runs counter-clockwise instead of clockwise, so we needed to get that thing working right. That might seem imposing but it really isn't and we could get it done quite quickly. This also helps you understand and get to know your AeroSky C6 model, which is important if you are going to spend your time flying it.

Once you reset the gyroscope and the accelerometer, you will instantly see the yaw-controller fitting the right place. , RC Aerobatic Plane There are some other minor-issues that you will see in the AeroSky C6 but they are things that you have to, either, live with or fix on your own. The make-quality, in some parts, is rather poor while some parts can fit a little poorly. The motor, in our case, was grazing against the casing so that required minor adjustments. The problems aren't the same with every model so you need to go through every single detail and make sure everything is spot-on before you take to the skies.

The AeroSky C6 is one of the most advanced RC Quadcopters in the market today but that has to be more so because of the materials used to make this incredibly sturdy model. It is powerful and strong, but not the best RC Quadcopter in terms of performance or build. In fact, it takes a lot more time to work on getting the model up and running than you would actually enjoy flying it for. That, in our opinion, makes the AeroSky C6 an average buy for any hobbyist.

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