RC Speed Boats

RC Speed Boats

RC Speedboats are possibly the most popular type of RC Boats on the market today...and for obvious reasons. Not only do they look mighty impressive whizzing around the lake, RC Speedboats are normally ready to run straight from the box, and even then they can hit speeds of up to 35mph. A little bit of upgrading and a few modifications and your RC Speedboat might even push for the world record of just under 99mph.

Buying an RC Speedboat

The first thing to decide when looking at RC Speedboats is what method of propulsion you want. Most of the smaller, less expensive models are battery driven whereas the larger models run on either petrol or nitro. Battery driven RC Speedboats are quiet and clean to run but they rarely reach the speeds of the nitro boats. So for example a simple battery driven boat might hit speeds of 25mph straight from the box and in calm waters checkout, Radio Controlled Boat whereas a similar sized nitro speedboat will possible clock 35mph in the same conditions.

Another factor to consider is price. Electric try, How to build a RC Robot RC Speedboats can easily be bought for a few hundred dollars and for this you'll get a very good model that is ready to run. A basic petrol driven or nitro fuelled RC Speedboat however will cost in the region of $750-800 which means you might want to work up to this type of boat...after a bit of practice with something a bit cheaper that is.

The third major point to consider when buying a RC Speedboat is whether to go for RTR - Ready to Run Models or whether to buy a generic hull and build your own. If you build your own you'll have to add the drive system, the motor and power try, RC Quadcopter Gopro set and the radio equipment yourself, why not visit, RC Tanks Forum so you will need to know at the least the basics of RC modelling. Doing it this way however means you get the exact specification of RC Speedboat you want,

Electric RC Speedboats

The majority of electric why not visit, Wholesale RC Robots RC Speedboats run with a 540 sized motor and a 7.2v rechargeable battery. This size motor will produce speeds up to 20mph but by upgrading to a larger motor you can easily push electric checkout, RC Boat Hardware boats to do 50+mph. Depending on the size of the battery pack, electric also see, RC Manufacturers RC Speedboats typically run for 20-25mins before they need recharging, the only factor that can become annoying on a day out.

Most RC Speedboats come equipped with a 2-channel radio which is pretty basic and easy to handle. Some of the more expensive models have a 3-channel receiver though with a servo reverse function for even easier handling.

Nitro and petrol driven RC Speedboats

Nitro models are generally the next step up from electric why not visit, Nikko RC Cars and are often bigger in size and more powerful. Out of the box, nitro RC Speedboats travel at around 35mph but they can be made to go much faster with some basic modifications. Again depending on the size of the model, most nitro (and indeed petrol) boats run for about an hour before needing to be refuelled.

Petrol RC Speedboats are the biggest and most expensive models available, most of which measure in excess of 1.3m in length. They have, at the very least, a 26cc engine and travel at starting speeds of 40-45mph. They are undoubtedly the mothers of all RC boats and are highly impressive to watch...and of course drive.

So if you're looking for a fast RC boat that screams 'look at me' then you'd better start looking through the available models of RC Speedboats.

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