RC Aerial Photography

RC Aerial Photography

RC Aerial Photography is an easy and inexpensive way of adding another dimension to your RC Flying adventures. You can attach a small digital camera consider, RC Parts or a keychain camera why not visit, RC Mini Robots to any form of model aircraft that is big enough to take the additional weight, although most RC Aerial Photography is conducted using powered gliders, helicopters and more recently blimps. For most people RC Aerial Photography normally starts as a hobby, however there are now a growing try, RC Dancing Robot number of companies who willing pay good money for top quality photos taken from the air. have a look at, RC Hydro Boat

Do you want photographs or a short film?

RC Aerial Photography comes in two distinct forms:

- Short films that can be captured either on a small digital camera consider, Racing RC Motorbikes or more commonly a keychain camera. checkout, RC Boat Hulls
- Single photographs that require a camera , RC Boat Engine with a shutter.

Short films taken from a powered glider or a tethered outdoor have a look at, RC Nitro Tank blimp are often smooth and impressive to watch. The RC Aerial Photography equipment i.e. the camera checkout, RC Electric Cars can be turned on before take off and depending on the size of the memory you can easily make a 15-20 minute film from the skies. 8GB keychain cameras look at, Old Robot Toys can now be bought for around $20-25. Weighing around 15g and measuring maybe 3-4cm in length they can literally be fitted to any form of RC aircraft.

If you decide on single photographs then things get a little more complex as you have to rig up the apparatus to trigger the shutter on the camera. also look at, RC Dancing Robot This can be done with a spare servo and a length of wood try, RC Boat Hulls in most cases though. The servo is controlled by a stick on the transmitter and even amateur RC Aerial Photography enthusiasts can produce stunning photos.

Which aircrafts to use
As mentioned above, any RC aircraft can be kitted out with basic RC Aerial Photography equipment. This doesn't mean to say that they all produce the same quality of results though. Quick moving planes will often produce blurred pictures, simply because the camera why not visit, Radio control Boat shutter or the film can't keep up with the speed the plane is moving at.

For this reason it is much more beneficial to use a powered glider, an RC blimp or a helicopter (providing you have mastered the art of hovering). Powered gliders and blimps are perfect for RC Aerial Photography because they both offer a very smooth flight with little or no vibration from motors. The beauty of a powered glider is that the electric consider, Super Rider SR4 Dirt Bike motor can be shut off while photographs are being taken and then restarted to keep the glider in the air. checkout, RC Toy Tank

Making money from RC Aerial Photography
RC Aerial Photography can be undertaken professionally if you find you have a flair for it. More and more companies are turning to experienced RC flying pilots as an alternative to hiring a full size plane and all the equipment that goes with it. Film producers (nature documentaries mainly), real estate agents, scientists, land owners and others always require the services of aerial photography so why not cash in on your hobby.

You should make sure you have a talent for taking photos before paying out for a whole heap of expensive equipment though. If after a few trial runs you find you don't have a god-given talent then keep it as a hobby and simply wow your friends and relatives with your skill why not visit, RC Boat Hulls in RC Aerial Photography.

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