RC Hexaflyer

RC Hexaflyer, GAUI 225006 MRT 540H-S Hexa Flyer

The RC Hexaflyer is one of the most amazing forms of RC multi-rotor aircraft that you can buy in stores today. The basis of creating something like the RC Hexaflyer is to mimic the actions and flying principles of a regular helicopter, but instead of using two-rotors, like a regular helicopter, the RC Hexaflyer uses six-rotors - hence the name. These models are also considered the most powerful & agile amongst all, in the RC multi-rotor categories, which makes them one of the most popular categories within rotor-based flying models.

To understand everything you need to know about RC Hexaflyers and to begin the process of buying one, you need to know something about RC helicopters. If you have prior experience in the helicopter-scene, you are likely to find it easier to move onto the RC Hexaflyer-scene as most of the basis of picking and choosing these models is quite similar to what you would find on the RC Helicopter scene. Also, it is only after you have been in the helicopter-scene that you will realize how much the industry has evolved in creating something like the RC Hexaflyer.

Understanding the Workings of an RC Hexaflyer

To begin with, what you need to know is that the RC Hexaflyer is very similar to a helicopter. The basic principle is that the rotors are used to produce lift as well as direction - both being controlled by the speed of rotation. In a regular helicopter, radio controlled or real-life, the lift is provided by the main rotor above the helicopter while the direction control and stability is provided by the tail-rotor.

In an RC Hexaflyer, there are no tail-rotors but there are six-rotors above the body of the model, which provide the thrust as well as the stability using the same principles. The basis of functionality is simple - at a time, some rotors are used for providing thrust while the remaining rotors are used for providing stability. Gyroscopes attached to the flight-mechanism ensures that every single twist or turn, whether due to remote-control action or external factors, like wind, can be countered easily to maintain a steady-flight path. , RC Motorcycles

The actual method of this working is a bit more complicated than a regular helicopter. In an RC Hexaflyer, the rotors need to be tuned perfectly to ensure that every single rotor is running at just the right speed. It needs to be rotating in the right direction and at the right speed, to ensure that everything is running absolutely perfectly!

Everything You Need to Know about the RC Hexaflyer

One of the most important things people forget about radio-controlled models, in general, is that unless you know everything there is to know about them, you are unlikely to use them to their maximum potential. RC Cars and planes go under-utilized simply because hobbyists are only intent on going out there, running them for a bit and heading back home try, RC Dinosaur to place look at, Control Line Planes them in the cupboard. However, the RC Hexaflyer is something special because it has a lot more things you can do with it, but only if you really understand how it works and what parts are involved.

One of the most important things in the RC Hexaflyer-body is the frame. The frame is where everything sits and this frame, with the attached rotor-arms, is also the housing for the motor, servo and other control surfaces & electronics. The frame is where the arms will attach to provide you with rotor-support to make these models fly. The motors available for these RC Hexaflyers are usually brushless and efficient, which they need to be considering how efficiently they need to perform to maintain the right rotor-speeds in each arm of the RC Hexaflyer.

The Electronic Speed Controller or ESC goes into the main-frame of the model as well, which is the part that is responsible for controlling the speed of each rotor. Unlike an RC Helicopter, where it is also present but is responsible for only two rotors, the version used in an RC Hexaflyer is specifically designed to control multiple rotors.

Moreover, the frames allow you to attach what is the most innovative and incredible feature , Aquacraft of the RC Hexaflyer - cameras! also look at, RC Boat Videos The primary reason for RC Hexaflyer pushing aside RC Helicopters in the battle for the rotor-based marketplace is the inclusion of the camera , Evolution Engines to record flight-images. What this has done is that it has given an extra dimension to these RC Hexaflyers, simply because now it isn't just about flying these models or learning how to try, RC Cars for Sale fly them - now you can use them to explore places have a look at, RC Buggy or look at the world like you've never done before.

The RC Hexaflyer is one of the most innovative products , RC Tug Boats to have come into the radio-controlled toy and model space. They are designed to be one of the best models you can buy and, therefore, are a bit more expensive too. However, they are worth every penny and along with everything else that you can think of, it also allows you to video the world from a perch high in the sky. If the technology itself isn't reason enough for you to buy the RC Hexaflyer, then the camera why not visit, RC Nitro Models surely will be!

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