RC Aircraft

RC Aircraft

Is an RC Aircraft the best choice of a flying RC Vehicle?

RC aircraft enthusiasts are often plagued with the question as to which of the various RC flying vehicles are the best - RC helicopters, RC airplanes, RC gliders or perhaps even RC blimps. To give the answer straight up, there is in fact no such thing as a "best choice". Each of these RC vehicles can make a formidable choice as far as the ability to soar in the skies is concerned. Further, an RC aircraft can potentially offer no more or no less thrill than an RC helicopter or for that matter an RC blimp. In this article, we look at the overall experience of flying an RC aircraft versus any of the other flying RC vehicles.

Firstly, when it comes to flying an RC aircraft, it usually (note - not necessarily) fulfills the innate desires and ambitions of the maximum number of people out there, of being able to fly an airplane, albeit a replica or a scaled down version. If you quiz children on which f the various flying objects that they would like to pilot someday, chances are good that 9 out 10 responses would be in favor of airplanes versus any other flying object. So, when it comes to innate desires, an RC aircraft probably fulfills the same, the best.

Next we come to aspects such as time required learning the ropes as well as general running and maintenance. On these fronts, it is a very tough call, try, Hydro RC Boat discerning between the various RC flying vehicles. That said, when it comes to RC helicopters, you do have to take extra caution, with the rotor blades being an additional component that you need to pay more attention to. Further, it is one part that invariably gets damaged when RC helicopters are crashed, which in turn proves to be an expensive detour for RC vehicle owners. In comparison, you might find an RC aircraft relatively easier to manage. RC jets and blimps also do not offer any such complications which make them just as much of an easier vehicle type to run and manage, as compared to RC helicopters.

Now to come to the thrill aspect - is it less in any of the various flying RC vehicles? Does any particular vehicle type offer greater acrobatic ability, than the other? Well, the response is in the negative...or rather in the "indefinite"! That is to say, there is no definite quantum of thrill (can thrill be quantified anyway?) which you can obtain in additional amounts with a particular RC vehicle type that you cannot obtain with any other RC flying vehicle. Further, to a large extent, the thrill factor will depend on how well you maneuver your RC flying vehicle. So, irrespective of an RC helicopter or an RC aircraft, be prepared for some really exuberant times!

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