RC Pylon Racers

RC Pylon Racers

RC Pylon Racers truly turn on the heat consider, Vintage Robot Toys when it comes to RC Flying!

RC Pylon Racers are surely in a different league of their own. With competitive racing built into the very system, RC Pylon Racers actively compete with other fellow flyers of RC airplanes to get their rush of adrenaline. In this article, we examine the concept of RC Pylon Racing and look at what all these RC Pylon Racers are up to while indulging in it.

Essentially, the concept of Pylon Racing comes from the fact that these RC races are held amidst pylons; every pylon race has three pylons which define the race. Further, each of these pylons is between 15-20 feet high. There are varying distances separating each of these pylons such as start of the finishing line being at a distance of 508 feet from the first Pylon. Further, the same start or finishing position lies at a distance of approximately 100 feet from the line that joins both Pylon number 2 and 3. These are basically the fundamental aspects of Pylon Racing that you need to be aware of; this will help you understand the very activity that RC Pylon Racers indulge themselves in, so enthusiastically.

RC Pylon Racers are likely to fly a total distance of anywhere between 3 to 3.5 miles, even though the prescribed racing distance is actually 2.5 miles, to be covered over 10 laps. The actual flying distance increases since the RC airplanes have to fly in loops, coupled with the fact that there is bound to be sufficient traffic while they are flying - thanks to all the fellow RC Pylon Racers that they are competing with - whom they need to bypass in order to try and win RC Pylon races.

Overall, when it comes to the absolute thrill and joy of flying RC airplanes in a competitive environment, also look at, RC Tricopters there are few alternatives to Pylon racing. That is the reason Pylon racing has become so popular and also the reason behind such a proliferation of RC Pylon Racers. These racers have realized that when it comes to RC flying, few alternatives can come anywhere close to Pylon racing. Further, it gives them the opportunity to showcase their racing skills also see, Ripmax Models in public instead of flying in private. Finally, it also gives RC Pylon Racers a platform to display all the hard work they have put in to create highly customized and sophisticated RC airplanes. It is no wonder then that the tribe of RC Pylon Racers simply continues to increase at a breathtaking pace.

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