RC Trucks

RC Trucks

RC Trucks come in two main forms; monster trucks and the less prevalent 18-wheeler 'big rig' trucks. Monster RC Trucks come in all shapes and sizes with the basic ranges starting at $80-90. 18-wheeler trucks on the other hand tend to be quite similar to each other and often come as a complete package i.e. the tractor have a look at, RC Electric Boat unit and the trailer, or less commonly as separate sections to be bought individually. Both types of RC Truck offer hours of fun and huge potential for customization.

RC Monster Trucks

The majority of RC Trucks that fall have a look at, Wholesale RC Robots into this category are nitro-fuelled, although there are plenty of very good - and very fast - battery powered models available as well. Most model enthusiasts tend to start with the smaller, battery powered RC Trucks, simply because they are slightly easier to handle being a bit slower, less noisy and messy and cheaper to fix if crashed.

With regards to size, 1:10 scale is highly popular with novices and experts alike however to really get the feel for monster RC Trucks you need to invest in something like a 1:8 scale model. These are quite expensive though, ranging from $400-800+ without any upgrades or modifications. You'll also need to buy a 20% pre-mixed nitro-fuel at the very least, and if you want the best from your RC Truck then a higher ratio is recommended.

One of the best things about this type of RC Truck is the ability to upgrade them to the max. You can go for the simple upgrades such as larger wheels, high impact bumpers, an aluminium chassis, adjustable oil damped shocks and an enhanced motor to give you power look at, RC Army Truck and style, or you can play with the radio control equipment and fit a 2-speed transmission...or you can do it all! A 2-speed transmission provides a better power have a look at, Wholesale RC Robots to weight ratio and subsequently much improved handling, which is ideal for when your RC Truck is moving at 60+mph.

RC Trucks of the 'monster' variety are great for racing, off-roading and for performing stunts. We recommend you learn the skills also see, RC Titanic required in a cheaper model though before moving up to the nitro-powered big boys.

18-wheeler RC Trucks

This particular type of RC Truck is one of the less common driven RC vehicles on the market. Most are bought and driven either by real RC Hobby enthusiasts or lovers of the 18-wheeler big rigs. The cheapest 1:14 scale models start at around $200 and for this price you will probably only get the tractor look at, New Bright RC Cars unit and the standard checkout, RC Toy Boat fitted radio control equipment. If you want a trailer to match then you can add another $100 to the price at least.

The tractor try, RC Car Robots units can be bought ready to use or in kit form. This said, the RC Model Kits are quite complex and you'd have to be a huge fan of 18-wheelers or a very passionate modeller to want to build your own. The RC equipment is in most cases bog standard checkout, RC eBay Cars however the finished RC Trucks have a full complement of working lights, also see, RC Electric Assist Glider forward and reverse (some with 'vehicle is reversing' warning sound), left and right plus a horn. The motor and transmitter can sometimes be upgraded to have a 2-speed transmission however this still doesn't make them quick off the mark!

So, in short there are two main types of RC Truck, neither of which resembles the other in any way. Monster RC Trucks are aggressive beasts that scream to be driven like you're a maniac whereas the 18-wheelers are much more sedate and suit placid drivers who enjoy honing their skills. , RC 1/8 Scale Cars Either way, you're bound to get plenty of fun out of your RC Trucks.

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