RC Cars

RC Cars

RC Cars are often the starting point for Radio Control enthusiasts, before they progress onto RC Aircraft, RC Boats and various other RC disciplines. There are literally hundreds of RC cars on the market so finding one isn't a problem...the problem is choosing what type and model of RC Car you want.

So for example, do you want a battery powered car or a nitro fuelled car? Do you want a miniature model or one that measures a good few feet in length, and do you want an RC Car to race, to go off road or to perform stunts? The choice is virtually endless so start thinking about what interests you before buying.

RC Cars for racing

If you're interested in RC Racing Cars then you'll want to think big and powerful from the off. It is possible to race battery powered RC Cars but to be honest the professionals tend to go for nitro fuel (or even petrol in some cases), big motors and high spec models.

If you don't intend to race against true RC Hobby enthusiasts then you can choose any powerful RC Car you want, and simply upgrade it as and when you like. Alternatively you can buy a ready to race RC Car that has the ability to perform like the professional cars - but be prepared to pay a good chunk of money for it.

RC Off-Roading

Although RC Monster Trucks are built with off-roading in mind, you can also buy RC Cars that are equally as good at climbing also see, RC Helicopter Gyros hills and jumping checkout, RC Brushless Cars off the other side. RC Jeeps are a prime example of the type of RC Car needed to have the maximum amount of fun, but in reality any big-wheeled car will pass the test.

Again, the car you choose will need to be highly powered - probably by nitro fuel - with several motors and servos capable of producing adequate torque, thrust and acceleration. Some battery powered RC Cars are also suitable for driving off road but they will very rarely provide the power , Robots for Kids of a nitro car...and it's ultimately power have a look at, Robotic RC Kit that you want when taking part in this particular RC Car discipline.

RC Cars that perform stunts

Stunt cars are specialized types of RC Cars that have numerous modifications when compared to a basic vehicle. The exact modifications made to a car depend on the types of stunts being performed and so not all stunt cars can do all types of stunts.

RC Wheelies are a popular type of stunt RC Car, most of which have a heavy back end to help them maintain the wheelie stunt. Other cars have reinforced chasses, strengthened axles and easily replaced bumpers so that they survive 'death defying' jumps and ground rolls. You will need to decide what type of stunt man/woman you want to be before buying an RC Car. This way you can upgrade and modify your model in such a manner that it will live on past its first few stunts!

Once you find where your interests lay you can decide which RC Car model is the right one for you. As mentioned above there are hundreds to choose from ready to run from the box. If you feel confident enough however you can build your own instead and this way you can create what you determine to be the perfect specimen in the category of RC Cars.

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