RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter

An RC Helicopter is by far the hardest type of RC flying model to keep in the air try, RC Wheeled Loader and control. Planes, gliders and in fact anything with a wing will stay airborne for a time even if you take your hands off the controls, simply because of the way they are designed. An RC Helicopter doesn't naturally stay airborne though and the minute you stop inputting instructions (via the transmitter controls) is the moment your RC Helicopter plummets to the earth. , T 34 RC Tank

This doesn't mean to say you should give them a wide birth though as they provide a great hobby and are spectacular to watch, especially if you progress to doing acrobatics.

Learning to fly an RC Helicopter

Because of their complex nature also see, RC Fighter Jets it is advisable to start learning with either a micro RC Helicopter or a small model specifically designed for training. also look at, LX RC Models Both types of helicopter are suitable for indoor consider, RC 8+ Channel flying so you won't have to compete with Mother Nature , RC Model Kits and her gusts of wind. Training also see, RC Tank Warfare RC Helicopter models tend to be quite rugged, easy to repair try, RC Horse Racing and are supplied with their own repair also see, Remote Controlled Boat kit. Some even come with several spare sets of rotor blades and other breakable bits.

If possible you should look for a micro helicopter or a training checkout, RC Wheeled Loader RC helicopter with contra-rotating blades. These models have two sets of rotor blades on the single rotor shaft, one set spinning clockwise while the other set spins anticlockwise. Contra-rotating blades will add stability to your RC Helicopter making it much easier to control and less likely to crash land.

Alternatively you can always join an RC Flying club and ask one of the instructors to buddy you. This allows your instructor to take control of your RC Helicopter if you decide you're in trouble and so avert a potentially costly crash landing.

Powering your model

Virtually every RC Helicopter that is suitable for beginners is powered by a battery and motors. The rotor blades start spinning when the correct control is pressed on the transmitter and with a bit of luck the helicopter takes over. These electric , RC Humanoids powered RC Helicopter models are easily the best to start with and can be bought in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Once you get the hang of flying an RC Helicopter you might want to progress to something bigger and more powerful. For this you'll want to look at Glow Helicopters. This advanced type of helicopter is powered by Nitro fuel and a real engine so we wouldn't suggest trying it until you have mastered the art of taking off, hovering and landing at the very least.

Flying a 3D RC Helicopter

Probably the ultimate aim of most RC Helicopter pilots is to perform aerobatics, also known as 3D routines. To achieve this takes years of practice and a good deal of spare money as you will undoubtedly crash on a regular basis. The helicopters used for 3D flying are ultra light consider, Fast RC Boat (carbon fibre in most cases) and ultra powerful and until relatively recently they were engine powered. Now however you can get ready to fly electric consider, Radio Control powered 3D helicopters or you can upgrade a normal helicopter to a very high specification.

So in summary, even though model helicopter flying is deemed to be hard it is worth pursuing. You can stick to the basics or practice and practice to become an aerobatic pilot. Either way you're bound to get endless hours of fun (and frustration) from your RC Helicopter.

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