RC Blimps

RC Blimps

RC BLIMPS are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of learning the basics of RC flying. Mostly designed to be flown indoors, why not visit, RC RTF Planes this fun type of aircraft comes in all shapes and sizes from miniature through to those with a hull (the balloon section) measuring over 20 feet in length. When filled with helium, RC BLIMPS can be made to fly wherever you want, although it is probably wise not to fly brand new RC BLIMPS too close to anything with a sharp edge.

Balancing a blimp

The hardest part of flying RC BLIMPS is getting them to float in mid air , RC Super Cub Planes in the first place. also look at, Losi RC Cars This is called balancing the blimp. If you initially fill the hull with too much helium the blimp will simply float up and up until it makes contact with something solid, such as the ceiling. If you don't add enough helium though, the balloon will never leave the ground.

The aim is to add slightly too much helium to your RC BLIMPS and then weight the gondola section until you achieve the balance you want. You can use a range of items to do this however small blobs of putty or white-tac are ideal. Higher-spec RC BLIMPS often come with a number of weights specifically for the purpose of balancing.

Flying your blimp

As already mentioned RC BLIMPS come in all shapes and sizes however nearly all of them use one of two popular methods of propulsion. Typically RC BLIMPS have either two or three micro electric why not visit, RC Buggies for Kids motors strategically positioned on the gondola. These allow you control the direction of flight, the height and the speed of the blimp.

Recently however, RC BLIMPS have started to turn to the even easier to use tri-turbofan system which provides an integrated triple axis method of control. This virtually silent propulsion system allows you to hold the blimp stationary in mid air, look at, RC Scale Ducted Fan go forwards and in reverse, up and down and turn a 360 degree circle on a pinpoint...with a bit of practice of course.

Flying outdoors

Although a lot of RC BLIMPS are designed for indoor try, 3D Park Flyers flying they can in very calm weather also see, RC Gas Powered Cars conditions also be flown outdoors. checkout, RC Quadcopter Controller It is highly advisable that all RC BLIMPS, even the very large ones, are tethered to the ground or something immovable before filling them with helium though, as even the slightest breeze can make controlling them virtually impossible. Tethering cords and ground stakes can be bought from any good model shop for just a few dollars.

One of the top reasons for flying RC BLIMPS outdoors have a look at, RC Nitro Helicopter is that you can get some great aerial photography shots, simply by attaching a micro camera why not visit, RC Gas Helicopter to the gondola. Also known as spy cameras, look at, RC Cheap Gas Cars these tiny pieces of equipment can provide endless entertainment when attached to RC BLIMPS, or they can take beautiful wildlife also see, RC Wings shots from angles unachievable without being airborne. The slow flight speed of a blimp and the ease of manoeuvrability make a blimp perfect in this respect.

Why buy an RC Blimp?

This type of radio controlled aircraft is perfect for beginners and experts alike. They are fun to play with, easy to control (once the basics have been learnt), they bounce off obstructions rather than break apart, they are slow moving for easy learning and they can be flown indoors have a look at, Losi RC Cars from the comfort of the sofa. In fact, there is no good reason why any budding RC flyer shouldn't invest in at least one of the world's many RC BLIMPS.

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