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Boast your Photography Portfolio with RC Quadcopter Gopro Editions!

GoPro is one of the biggest names in HD compact camera, also see, Robots for Kids and is preferred by RC Quadcopter Enthusiasts for their aesthetic characteristics, performance and long battery life. If you're pursuing aerial photography especially with a RC Quadcopter, Gopro cameras why not visit, RC MultiRotors are your best solution. Although Gopro has an extensive lineup of cameras, consider, RC Mini Submarine the one you buy is ultimately subjective that depends on individual needs. Some of these include your budget, where will you be using your camera look at, Kids Robots and for what purposes.

When you buy a RC Quadcopter, Gopro mounts may come with the package or you may have to affix one separately. Unless you're a pro, there are a few disadvantages to attaching the mount to your Quadcopter and then the camera consider, RC Hexaflyer itself. First, your drone may loss its stability if the mount is unbalanced. Secondly, if the wiring of the camera have a look at, RC Catamaran is not done meticulously, it may affect the overall electronics of your RC Quadcopter.

A great alternative to DIY mounts is buying a RC Quadcopter Gopro ready. You can buy these Quadcopters with or without a Gopro camera, look at, RC 3D Helicopter but regardless, adding your own camera look at, RC Propellers is just a matter of affixing a few screws , Hitec RC Accessories together. Furthermore, these ready to go RC Quadcopter Gopro editions are relatively inexpensive and definitely worth the time, effort and makeshift setups associated with adding the mount yourself. try, RC Robot Toy

RC Quadcopter Gopro Editions to explore:

DJI Phantom GoPro Aerial Rig:

The DJI Phantom Gopro Aerial Rig is a RC Quadcopter comes equipped with a mount that's compatible with all Gopro cameras. try, RC Hobby Cars The Phantom is an ideal solution for those looking to capture high definition video during flight, and is tagged with a long list of features have a look at, RC Titanic to include integrated GPS flight control, FailSafe function with Naza-M-Autopilot, dual flight control modes support, low voltage protection and LED indicators, and Intelligent why not visit, RC Titanic Orientation Control.

The Phantom DJI RC Quadcopter Gopro Edition is ready to fly right out of the box, and boasts a transmission range of up to 984.25' (300m), making it an ideal drone to capture aerial shots beyond your backyard. consider, RC Stadium Trucks It can also reach vertical fight speeds of 6m/s as well as horizontal flight speeds of 10m/s, and in terms of battery life, the DJI Phantom is powered by an included lithium-polymer battery that delivers 10-15 minutes of sustainable flight time.

Walkera QR X350 GPS GOPRO RC Quadcopter:

The Walkera QR X350 is similar in design also see, RC On Road Cars and functionality to the DJI Phantom except that is comes at a significantly lower price. In fact the QR X350 brings to the table a number of innovative features look at, RC Mini Submarine and comes highly recommended by seasoned RC Quadcopter Pilots. The Walkera is equipped with a phenomenal GPS system so you can be rest assured your drone will never get lost. By activating this feature, checkout, RC Propellers the QR X350 RC Quadcopter Gopro edition returns to its starting point all by itself with the "one key go home" button.

With its sensational hovering functionality and enhanced altitude sensor, the Walkera QR X350 RC Quadcopter can move without switching at precise coordinates. In case of an emergency, checkout, Tamiya RC Tank the QR X350 is equipped with built in safe also look at, RC Helicopter Parts detection, which allows the Quadcopter to return to its starting point and land safely, and is not to be confused with the GPS function. Flight time is the same as the DJI Phantom at 15 minutes, and comes with a vibration resistant camera look at, Remote Control Bike mount, which allows you to take superb photos with minimal distortion. The onboard Wi-Fi module allows to you to control the Walkera QR X350 RC Quadcopter Gopro edition from any of your Apple devices.

XP2 Quadcopter:

If you're looking for a RC Quadcopter that simply means business, the XP2 Quadcopter by xProHeli is your ultimate choice. In fact the manufacturers consider, RC Robot Toy will tell you upfront that this isn't a toy, and is the most powerful and lightweight Quadcopter available in the market today. All these features why not visit, RC Robot Toy do come with a hefty price tag, upwards of a $1500 and that's without a Gopro camera. checkout, RC Boat Plans The XP2 RC Quadcopter is able to carry up to 2 Gopro cameras, try, RC Pylon Racers and allows you to take superb shots from the best angles and heights.

When compared to other RC Quadcopters, the XP2 wins hands down with its size and portability and is made by the pros for the pros. The XP2 RC Quadcopter Gopro edition comes with very few parts and is extremely easy to piece together. The main body is also equipped with a compartment that shields the inner electronics in the event of a crash. To literally eradicate distortion, which is the biggest hurdle in aerial photography, the XP2 features have a look at, Dog Toy Robot a bi-deck floating frame and dampeners to help with this aspect.

There are other inexpensive RC Quadcopter Gopro compatible models available, but they either lack essential features try, Dog Toy Robot or are constructed of poor quality. If you're looking for an easy way to mount your Gopro and get up in the air try, E-Flite fast, the RC Quadcopters mentioned above are definitely worth exploring.

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