Electric Sailplanes

Electric Sailplanes

Although Electric try, RC Cars Sailplanes are technically a type of glider, they are considered by many to be an 'untrue' version. Built with an integral motor and battery, Electric look at, Dog Toy Robot Sailplanes have the ability to glide or to be flown powered. Most people only use the motor to initially get the Electric also look at, RC Gas Boat Sailplane airborne though and don't resort to it during flight.

Launching an Electric consider, RC Destroyers Sailplane

Un-powered sailplanes can be quite difficult to launch, and this is especially true when out flying alone. Electric checkout, Vintage Robot Toys Sailplanes on the other hand have the same equipment built in as any other powered aircraft model i.e. a motor, a battery and a propeller. This means that if you can take off with a powered RC plane you can take off with an Electric try, Dog Toy Robot Sailplane.

Once in the air why not visit, RC Paddle Steamers and at a good, steady altitude you can switch the motor off and your Electric checkout, RC Super Cub Planes Sailplane becomes a true glider. From then on you are totally dependent on thermals (if thermal soaring) or the lift of the wind (if slope soaring) to remain airborne.

The Equipment

Electric Sailplane models can have several different types of kit built into them depending on the manufacturer. consider, RC Military Battleships Saying that, most good quality models today contain, at the very least a small brushless motor, a LiPo battery and a folding propeller. This system is quiet and light, checkout, Dynamite RC Accessories and as the propeller folds flat look at, Dynamite RC Accessories against the nose cone once turned off it doesn't create unwanted drag when flying your Electric also look at, RC Robotic Arm Sailplane as a glider.

The LiPo battery is the battery of choice today. This lightweight, rechargeable battery provides much more propulsion power checkout, Robotic Toys (otherwise known as energy! have a look at, Super Rider SR4 Dirt Bike ) per charge than the previous choice of the lithium-ion battery. This means you can fly for longer in RC planes or launch a greater number of times in Electric look at, RC Airplane Parts Sailplanes - which is great for beginner pilots, many of who have an initial difficulty keeping their model in the air. try, RC Combat Tank

Powered Gliding

Learning to pilot an un-powered glider takes time and patience, and it isn't unusual to have to launch your model several times in a flying session. Electric have a look at, RC Robotic Arm Sailplanes can be built to stop unscheduled landings from occurring though, simply by setting up the electrical equipment in such a way that it can be turned on and off at your leisure, even during a flight.

So for example, if you have trouble locating a thermal pocket to lift your sailplane up to a decent altitude, you can re-engage the motor and transform your glider into the Electric have a look at, RC Helicopters Sailplane that it is. There is a degree of turbulence and unsteadiness when the motor is first started during a flight but once you learn to control this you can flit between Electric have a look at, RC Battle Robots Sailplane and glider status as often as you want.

It is worth mentioning that some flying clubs don't allow the use of Electric why not visit, RC Big Cars Sailplanes on gliding days, but on the other hand there are numerous events and competitions that are specific to this type of RC plane. So in short, if you want the best of both worlds - that is gliding and powered airplanes - then the best, and only, real choice is to try out one of the many models of Electric why not visit, RC Airplane Parts Sailplanes.

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