LX RC Models

LX RC Models

Soaring in the skies with LX RC Models!

LX RC Models is a relatively new entrant in the RC vehicle space, which has in a short span of time, pretty much taken the entire world of RC vehicles by storm. Specifically, LX RC Models has carved out a niche for itself in the RC airplane space, wherein it produces a wide range of niche RC airplanes. In this post, we look at some of the various offerings from LX RC Models.

To understand the background behind its name, the etymology is essentially derived on a two prong basis; while one is that of its original Chinese name, viz. Lanxiang Model Aircraft Co., Ltd. Another more commonly recognized basis for the LX alphabets in the name of the company is that of luxury; in other words, the company denotes as well as manufactures items that are luxurious in their appeal.

LX RC Models that you are quite likely to take a particular fondness for include the Fi-156 Fieseler Storch which is in fact an exact replica of the German World War II flying machine as well as the de Havilland 82, also commonly known and recognized as the DH-82 Tiger Moth. Needless to say, you will easily recognize these airplanes as defence services models and are thus available as such. At the same time, you can also find civilian versions of these very planes, if you so wish and desire.

An aspect peculiar to LX RC Models is that its planes are made out of balsa wood also see, RC Buggies for Kids which of course gives them a special edge in terms of the way they fly and operate. Moreover, given this material from which all planes from LX RC Models are made, usually they take the form of either park flyers or slow flyers. Thus, those who are more dedicated to the entire hobby of RC flying and at the same time would not want to indulge in fringe activities such as RC racing, take a particular liking to planes from LX RC Models. Perhaps that is where the luxury aspect is even better showcased.

Finally, you are quite likely to find LX RC Models in RTF or ATF state; it should barely take you any time to assemble the parts together and get your very own RC airplane soaring in the skies, such is the appeal of LX RC Models!

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