Protech RC Models

Protech RC Models

The tech-pro range of RC Vehicles at Protech RC Models!

Belgian RC entity, Protech RC models has enviably established itself as a premier supplier of supreme RC vehicle offerings. In this regard, it must be said that the operations of Protech RC models extend way beyond simply that of any particular category of RC vehicles alone; rather, Protech RC models functions across the entire gamut of RC airplanes, helicopters and cars.

When it specifically comes to the airplane category among Protech RC models, you will find that there is a veritable number of these airplanes, across diverse plane types, be it RTF or ARTF, with the latter being further sub-divided across categories such as EP powered and IC powered. Among the RTF series of airplanes from Protech RC models, the models you will certainly find immensely drool worthy in particular include the Extra 330 L as well as the Cessna 400. At the same time, in the ARTF category, planes that will simply sweep you off your feet include the Beaver, Fantic, Staudacher, SR-22, EV-97 Eurostar, Ultimate, Ninja Jet, TL-1, Voyager as well as Tojeiro EP.

Similarly, when we come to the helicopter range of offerings from Protech RC models, we find a variety that is equally extensive as well as enticing. For instance, you can easily take a liking towards the Helixx series of helicopters, the Zoom 42S EP series, as well as the Zoom 450 IC series. As you can clearly note, the helicopter range at Protech RC models also happens to include both the EP powered series as well as the IC powered series.

Now to get the adrenaline really rushing by taking a look at the diverse racing options at Protech RC models. In this category, you will find a wide range of cars that have been created from the ground up, specifically for the purpose of racing. In fact, if you are looking to run these cars casually, say as a means of entertaining yourself look at, RC Beginner Planes in solitude, you will in fact be well advised to consider many other different categories of RC cars from other manufacturers, also look at, Sportwerks RC Models than go in for these superb cars from Protech RC models which are meant specifically for racing purposes. Among the cars on offer at Protech RC models that you might specifically want to check out are the Mini Rave scale Buggy as well as the Yada Truggy.

Overall, you can clearly see that there is so much, top quality stuff on offer at Protech RC models.

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