RC Battleships

RC Battleships

The fact that RC Battleships are the slowest type of RC boat doesn't mean a lot to the people who buy and sail them - all they care about is their impressive size and how imposing they look sailing around the lake. RC Battleships come in a huge range of scales, prices and specifications so there should be one to suit every pocket. In fact, with prices starting from around $30 why wouldn't you want to get a RC Battleship, even if it is only to dwarf the rest of the RC models on your local look at, Hitec RC Accessories waterway?

Standing out from the crowd

RC Battleships in general are hard to ignore when in the water. checkout, RC Bucket Loader Truck Not only are they larger than most other basic RC boats, they are also highly detailed in the majority of cases. Some of the less expensive ready to run RC Battleships can look a bit artificial up close but they still look great in the water also look at, FG Modellsport RC Cars and handle well. As you go up in price the models do of course get more realistic, and some of the really expensive ones even have cannons that fire why not visit, Dog Toy Robot small, harmless missiles.

Basic RC Battleship specifications

Even though RC Battleships are large and robust they are still only really suitable for calm waters, , RC Cars for Sale and even then they only travel between 5 and 10mph. Most ready to run RC Battleship models use a 7.2v rechargeable battery linked to two or possibly three motors.

So for example, basic models might have twin motors running twin propellers which allow you to steer left and right, forward and reverse. These models are known for their binary throttles (either on or off) and so they don't really allow you to control the speed at which your RC Battleship moves - it either goes or it doesn't. Basic models can be controlled with a simple RC 2-3 Channel Radio though and so are suitable for all age ranges.

The size of your RC Battleship is a matter of personal choice. There are numerous scales available ready to run and to build yourself, also look at, Schulze Electronics so it might help to have an idea of the size you want your completed RC Battleship to be before buying. Saying this, even the smallest models measure over 60cm in length, which is why they appear so imposing next to basic RC Yachts and RC Speed Boats.

Upgrading your RC Battleships

More advanced RC Battleship models are perfect for upgrading and adding modifications to. One of the best types of modification is related to the guns...which all RC Battleships should have! It is possible to enhance the large guns so that they fire why not visit, RC Powered Vehicles CO2 powered projectiles. Of course the projectiles are harmless but they can be loaded with colour-filled tips , RC Wall Climbing Car so that they leave a mark when they hit something - including enemy boats if you fancy doing battle with other keen modellers.

Another common upgrade is to add more powerful motors so that your RC Battleship travels faster than anticipated. Again this is a fantastic advantage if you do decide to join in a professionally organised 'battle day'. In fact, using your model to do battle with others is one of the best reasons, in our opinion, for investing in RC Battleships.

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