RC Drifting

RC Drifting

The Thrill of RC Drifting

RC Drifting refers to drifting (in the context of motorsports) undertaken with RC vehicles. Besides the similarity in terminology, the skills , RC Ships and maneuvers involved in RC Drifting are also reasonably similar to those that need to be made with real vehicles. Further, the risks involved in RC Drifting are also akin to those with real vehicles, with the potential for extensive damage to the RC vehicle in case maneuvers are not made properly.

Essentially, just as you over steer real vehicles to make them lose traction and thus "drift" away, you do the same with RC vehicles, except that in this case you are not really driving the vehicle but only controlling it using radio equipment.

RC Drifting vehicles are typically laden with low traction tires that enable over steer while at the same time ensuring that the same can be controlled very well. Further, RC Drifting mandates the replacement of various parts of the RC vehicle such as its shocks, brakes, motors, etc. all of which are especially designed to enable as well as withstand extensive over steer.

As far as the choice of vehicles is concerned, usually 4WD or four wheel drive electric checkout, RC Beginner Planes vehicles are deployed for enabling RC Drifting. At the same time, it is not true that RC Drifting cannot take place also see, RC Landing Gear in gas-powered or rear wheel drive vehicles; it is just that the quantum of skill why not visit, RC Trucks and maneuver required in the case of the latter category of vehicles might be greater.

That said, RC Drifting or drifting as witnessed in the world of RC vehicles is really catching up. Besides the companies that make RC vehicles as a whole, there are a lot of other companies that are getting into the specialized field of developing RC Drifting vehicles such as Hobby Products look at, RC Boat Kits International, Yokomo, Tamiya as well as Team Associated.

Further, with RC Drifting gaining immense popularity among patrons of RC vehicles, there has been a surge in tournaments that specialize in participants showcasing the drifting abilities of their RC vehicles. Further, while a lot of these tournaments may be informal and undertaken primarily for the sake of the thrill of participants and viewers alike, some of these are actually held under the backdrop of a completely professional setup that includes following rules and guidelines as established by the D1 Grand Prix, which is a professional drifting organization from Japan.
RC vehicles seem to truly come alive with RC Drifting!

RC Drift Cars

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