RC Ducted Fan

RC Ducted Fan

No ducking on RC Ducted Fan Jets

RC ducted fan jets are probably the most common kind of RC jets that you will easily find in the market. RC ducted fan jets essentially have a fan running inside try, RC Off Road Cars them, contained within a tube. Further, the popularity of RC ducted fan jets arises thanks to the fact that they comes in both electric checkout, TrakPower as well as glow powered versions. In this article, we take a close look at RC ducted fan jets.

As we mentioned, RC ducted fan jets can be both electric also look at, 4x4 RC Truck as well as glow powered. Electric consider, Scale RC Tanks RC ducted fan jets are also referred to as EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) RC jets. And the glow powered versions are also referred to as GDF (Glow Ducted Fan) RC jets. This clearly showcases the versatility of RC ducted fan jets and also explains the reasons for which they are so popular.

Is variety the only reason for the popularity of RC ducted fan jets? Hell, no! RC ducted fan jets are immensely popular, also because they perform a great deal better than usual RC jets. Let us explain. With a tube running through the middle of RC ducted fan jets instead of the usual set-up of conventional RC jets, their efficiency is a great deal superior. This is because the tube by itself prevents losses in thrust that emerge from the tips try, RC Mini Boats of the fan blades. Further, the tube by itself allows RC ducted fan jets to have much shorter blades (as well as more blades if need be) which in turn allows greater efficiency in the case of RC ducted fan jets as well as grants them the ability to jet set at much greater speeds!

If you are a novice in the world of flying RC vehicles as a whole, and RC jets in particular, you might want to begin your journey in this magical world, with RC ducted fan jets. They allow smooth running as well as easy operation, without any fuss. As a beginner, in case you are on the lookout for good quality RC ducted fan jets that are really easy to operate, you might want to take a look at the A7 Tornado RTF jet from Megatech, a model that truly packs a punch without too many frills that might leave you overwhelmed. The fact that it is RTF or Ready to Fly, renders it that much more suitable for novices such as you.

Overall, if you are really looking to make your mark in the world of RC aircrafts, there really is no better choice than RC ducted fan jets - do not duck them at any cost!

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