RC Scale Ducted Fan

RC Scale Ducted Fan

Looking for a miniature version of the real thing? Nothing better than an RC Scale Ducted Fan Jet!

An RC scale ducted fan essentially gives you the option to have your own little miniature version of a real airplane. So whether you are looking for a fighter jet or a commercial airplane, chances are good that you will get EXACTLY what you are looking for. That is the reason RC scale ducted fan jets are getting increasingly popular by the day. In fact, if you look up any of the popular duct jets, chances are good that it would be an RC scale ducted fan jet.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the more popular RC scale ducted fan jets which will help you make up your mind, when it comes to duct jets as a whole, especially if you are strictly game only for a scaled down version.

First up, we look at the F-15 Eagle, which as the name suggests, is a scaled down version of the real F-15 fighter jet. This model is made available by E-flite, so if you look up their website or head to your nearest RC vehicle dealer , RC Robot Parts who stocks up on E-flite offerings, chances are good that you will get what we describe here. Oh, we must mention that this is not really an RTF in the strictest sense but rather an ARF, i.e. it is Almost Ready to Fly. When it comes to this RC scale ducted fan jet, it may not make an excellent idea to make a dash for it, if you have had practically no experience in flying RC jets as a whole. But even if you have had some basic experience with doing so, then you would be strongly recommended to give these jets a shot; when it comes to getting the adrenaline rushing, there is little competition in the way of the F-15 Eagle and its ilk.

Talking about RC scale ducted fan jets, it may be noteworthy to mention that these can be both electric also see, RC Airboats as well as gas look at, RC Motorbikes powered. Either way, you will find plenty of options to choose from, that too from a veritable range of manufacturers. consider, RC Tank Treads So, where is the catch, or the difference? Well, primarily, when it comes to scaled down versions of real jets, perhaps it is the nitro versions that pack that wee bit more punch than electric why not visit, RC Helicopter Gyros RC scale ducted fan jets. That is because they tend to have more power also see, RC UFO which in turn allows them to fly for long as well as higher, that too at ever greater speeds.

Overall, if you are looking for a supersonic RC flying experience, there can probably be no better bet than RC scale ducted fan jets!

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