RC Wheelies

RC Wheelies

Chills and Thrills unlimited!

RC Wheelies are probably the best way of getting the adrenaline rushing when it comes to adventure maneuvering in the world of RC vehicles. Did you say, what is RC Wheelies? Well, RC Wheelies refers to the act of getting your RC vehicle to pop up such that it is running only on the back wheels, with the front wheels up in the air. why not visit, RC Mini Robots In fact this is a phenomenon very commonly observed in the world of real vehicles as well - especially among stunt bikers, who raise the front of the bike in order to make it run only on the back wheel.

Of course, when it comes to real vehicles, performing a wheelie on them definitely has an associated risk involved, wherein the bike or any other vehicle on which the stunt is being performed, might just topple over. This in turn could not only hurt the driver grievously, it could also cause extensive damage to the vehicle.

In the case of RC vehicles, while there is no real threat to the driver - since there isn't any in the very first place consider, Robbe Models ? and you are only maneuvering the vehicle from afar, there is every possibility that without the right kind of traction and torque that you apply to your vehicle, it could in turn topple over and damage itself extensively. And boy, do we know how expensive repairing an extensively damaged RC vehicle can be!

That said, you surely want to have your share of fun with RC vehicles and perform RC Wheelies on them. So, how do we go about the process? The first step is to get the surface right on which you would like to perform your veritable share of RC Wheelies. Usually, smooth surfaces (no prizes for guessing why!) such as asphalt or textured concrete , RC Jets work best.

The next step is to get the maneuvers right so that your vehicle actually does the set of RC Wheelies you have planned for it. For that, first give your RC vehicle a short burst of throttle in the reverse direction. This will prepare it for the necessary traction that we require it to have, for it to perform the RC Wheelies you have envisioned for it. Next, go ahead and give it a full throttle forward. While doing so, make sure that there is minimal time lag between doing the throttle in reverse and then the one in front. It is this suddenness of reaction and movement of the vehicle which will push the front wheels up.

Keep repeating this sequence and soon you would have mastered the art of performing RC Wheelies on your RC vehicle.

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