Thunder Tiger RC Cars

Feel the Thunderous Roar of Tigers with Thunder Tiger RC Cars!

Taiwanese entity Thunder Tiger RC Cars sure finds itself in a completely special league altogether when it comes to RC cars as a whole. That is because; the company has consistently proven itself to be a leader in all respects with a plethora of varied RC cars and other RC vehicles on offer that consistently meet the needs of ever discerning customers. Today we see that Thunder Tiger RC Cars has little competition when it comes to offering world class RC cars that stand the test of time for long. In this post, we look at the glorious ways in which Thunder Tiger RC Cars continues to impress in many ways than one!

First up, we look at a truly superior offering from Thunder Tiger RC Cars in the form of a buggy that is powered by a brushless motor engine that gives the little piece of wonder enormous power also look at, MechRC without any of the associated problems including minimal emission of smoke or pollution also look at, DualSky which is often a concern with other RC vehicles. In fact in many ways, this machine, formally known as the EB-4 G3 is a 1:8 scale wonder machine that belts out enormous power consider, RC Nitro Jeep and can run fast...really fast, for long! Further, the EB-4 G3 comes in a completely RTR form wherein the kit comes with a Cougar PS3i, a mini receiver, a performance ESC, a metal have a look at, RC eBay Cars gear steering servo and of course, an IBL 40/20 brushless motor that is extremely capable and so powerful!

Other touring cars from Thunder Tiger RC Cars which constantly catch the fancy of RC enthusiasts from around the world include the Sparrowhawk range comprising of the Sparrowhawk DX; the Sparrowhawk VX; as well as the entire kit form of the last mentioned Sparrowhawk VX. Other buggies from Thunder Tiger RC Cars besides the above mentioned EB-4 G3 include the Sparrowhawk XB; the Phoenix BX II; the Sparrowhawk XXB as well as the Phoenix XB.

Thunder Tiger RC Cars also boasts of numerous Go Kart options such as the KT8Racing Kart 2.4 GHz which comes in myriad hues, including an RTR version as well as entire Combo kit that comprises of elements such as the receiver, the transmitter as well as all other requisite items necessary to get the Go Kart going!

Overall, if you are looking for a veritable range of exquisite RC items that are also backed by world class quality and absolute commitment to excellent service and enduring performance under all conditions, then Thunder Tiger RC Cars would certainly be your best bet!

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