Zagi Models

Zagi Models

Glide away to glory with Zagi Models!

Zagi Models is a Belfair, Washington state, US based manufacturer also look at, RC Military Vehicles of unique RC vehicles that well and truly set the company apart from others in the fray. With its unique gliders, Zagi Models has set itself up in a space that is not occupied by any other RC company. It is for this very reason that Zagi Models is regarded with a lot of respect and appreciation in the world of RC vehicles, an accolade not easily given to most other RC companies, given the cut throat competition as well as the fact that it is not very easy to distinguish the offerings of one player from another. In the case of Zagi Models of course, its offerings are so unique, one can easily recognize them from virtually a mile!

While in the past, the gliders from Zagi Models were made out of balsa wood, checkout, RC RTR Kit off late that material has given way to foam, more specifically expanded polyprolylene (EPP) foam as the latter is not prone to damage in the case of hard landings, as is balsa wood. why not visit, RC Tank Combat Further, be informed that even though these vehicles from Zagi Models are gliders, they do have a machine propelling them so that they are not only dependent on the wind and its direction in order to ensure that they fly and remain afloat. In fact, the motors in these gliders have also been designed, constructed and made to work in such a manner that they too contribute towards reducing the effect of any hard landings that are made by these gliders to the minimum.

In case you are wondering as to why we are stressing on the landing aspect so much, and to the possible damage caused at the time of landing, that is because all Zagi Models deploy what is referred to as a crash landing. Not that these models actually crash but rather the style or manner in which they land is somewhat akin to a crash. Yet as a result of the aforementioned landing aspects, be it the material with which these gliders are constructed or the motor inside why not visit, RC Electric Off Road them, together ensure that there is practically no damage at all to the gliders themselves at the time they actually land.

Zagi Models that you are likely to take a special affinity towards include Zagi 5C EPP Flying Wing Combat Glider, as well as the Zagi THL Flying Wing Combo (which comes with a radio). There are complete kits available as well, which you can assemble with complete ease such as Zagi XS Complete kit with speed control and battery or the Zagi 60 Complete with Zagi Pusher motor battery and ESC.

Overall, if you are looking for an RC experience that is well and truly unique and pretty much unparalleled in the world of RC vehicles, then you surely would not want to look any further than Zagi Models!

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