RC Plane

RC Plane

RC Plane flying is relatively simple providing you start with a trainer model. These small, sturdy planes are not only easily controlled, they are also designed to withstand a few knocks; a fact that makes them an ideal starting point for most beginner RC Plane pilots. It is inevitable that you will crash land a few times before mastering the art of landing so choosing an RC Plane that is inexpensive and easy to repair have a look at, RC Boat Racing is a good idea to say the least.

Main categories of RC Plane:

There are three main categories of RC Plane:

- Ready To Fly, also known as RTF,
- Almost Ready To Fly, or ARTF,
- Kit built, that you assemble yourself have a look at, RC Tank Kit using a detailed set of plans try, RC Free Flight Gliders and instructions.

An RTF RC Plane is by far the easiest route into powered RC flying as the model is virtually fully assembled straight from the box. You may have to attach the wings, look at, DJI Phantom tail look at, Types of RC Robots and propeller and connect the power try, Trak system but everything else is done for you.

An ARTF RC Plane on the other hand will require that you assemble the various parts of the model before installing the power , RC Tank Kit system (comprising the motor, electric also look at, RC Tank Kit speed controller, battery, propeller, receiver and servos). Again this isn't difficult if you read the instructions but it is probably a job for a more experienced RC Plane pilot.

Kit built RC Plane models are often seen as projects for the real enthusiast but in reality anyone can have a go at building try, RC Army Tank their own plane. It does take time and patience though, and quite a lot of knowledge as you will need to choose a power checkout, RC Toy Robot system to suit the aircraft you're building. look at, RC Submarines

Choosing a basic trainer model

When it comes to choosing a trainer RC plane you need to consider a few things, such as the construction material. Traditional models tend to be built from balsa and plywood, and while these materials offer added stability in the air , RC Army Tank they are easily damaged. If you intend to learn to fly your RC Plane with the help of a club instructor then a wooden why not visit, 3D Park Flyers construction is a very good choice.

The popular alternative to wood also see, Sportwerks RC Models is of course foam. Until fairly recently foam was considered a cheap and inappropriate material for RC Plane models however advancements in the science of foam production have meant this lightweight material is now a perfect choice. Polystyrene foam is cheap and cheerful but it is also quite brittle...which makes it an unwise choice for first time flyers. A better choice is to buy an RC Plane made of Elapor or EPO as this toughened foam can withstand a decent number of bumps before it needs repairing. Bear in mind though that it isn't indestructible!

RC Plane flying with a buddy

Until you master the basics of RC Plane flying it might be worth joining an RC Flying club and having a buddy on stand-by to save have a look at, RC Fuels your cherished model from disaster. also look at, Sportwerks RC Models To do this you need two transmitters (yours and the instructors) and a specialised lead joining the two. You have control of your RC Plane until you decide otherwise when you release the controls and your buddy takes over with the secondary transmitter.

Many a crash has been averted using this method so having a flying buddy is a sure fire checkout, RC Construction Models way of prolonging the life of your new RC Plane.

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